The Iris pen is a Must for your new Shih Tzu puppy. This is how your puppy is raised and potty trained.

Please order your 4 Iris pen extention panels kits and Frisco Potty Pads from Autoship for the lowest price and you can remove the autoship after order is placed. You can buy the 24 inch high pen and add two extention panel kits. You will need a total of 8 panels. Just one 4 panel iris pen is TOO small.
I buy the pen without the door.
You can also buy a cot to go in the iris pen and washable bed pads. Your Iris pen is where your new pup feels safe. This is the way I raise your pup. Changing homes is very stressful on a pup even though the baby seems happy and tail is wagging. Trust all babies stress and stress can be deadly to a pup that comes off their food. It's so important for your new pups survival and well-being that you do exactly as breeder instructs.  
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NuVet Plus is a Must to keep your new puppy healthy throughout life. Your Shih Tzu puppy gets NuVet Plus Daily while with us  and you are expected to have NuVet Plus on hand before picking up your new baby from us. NuVet allows us to see who has ordered and who keeps their pup on NuVet for our Health Guarantee. 

NuVet Plus Boost the immune system through all life stages. 
I have researched NuVet Plus and it has 30 ingredients in it when every other vitamin supplement on the market has maybe 5 ingredients. 

Some of the ingredients in NuVet Plus are used to treat humans with cancer and skin issues. Some of the NuVet ingredients even lower blood pressure. 
NuVet Plus prevents health issues by boosting the immune system.

I fully believe in NuVet Plus because I am a pet owner and have witnessed
the results with my own pets. 

We also use the NuVet Shampoo so check out their Shampoos.

NuVet Plus is human Grade and made right here in the USA!

Orijen Dog Food is the best on the Market

Order from this Link and get $10.00 off  of your first order from

This is where I buy all of my dog and cat food.

After a few months of autoshipping call PetFlow and ask for their Loyalty Discount!

As pup gets older buy two or 3 different flavors and mix them together so your Shih Tzu won't get bored with it's food. I like to mix the Orijen Six Fish and the  Orijen Regional Red Flavors together.
STAT can save lives
Order STAT from and have on hand before picking up your pup from us. Great for all ages and anytime a dog is not eating or after surgery

-Highly concentrated – provides 150 calories per ounce
-Combats dehydration
-Improves weight gain
-Increases stress resistance
-Easy to administer
-Unique manufacturing process promotes digestion and absorption
-Maintains nutrient balances in convalescing, underweight or lactating animals.
Best on the Market and puppies love it!
Changing homes is stressfull and puppies can stop eating. It's best to have STAT on hand incase your new pup is not eating enough.

STAT High Calorie Liquid Diet and Dietary Supplement combats dehydration and maintains nutrient balances in convalescing, underweight or lactating animals.