What the Shih Tzu Owner Should Know About Grooming Part II
Written by Connie Limon Thursday, 02 March 2006

What the Shih Tzu Owner Should Know About Grooming Part III:by Connie Limon (Email: connielimon@yahoo.com)

Scissors are needed for Shih Tzu grooming. The "barber type" with the sharp, straight edge is used for most scissoring. The barber type scissors are used for cutting the hair of a Shih Tzu to the correct length for a fine finishing touch.

A toenail clipper and a file are necessary for Shih Tzu grooming. The average Shih Tzu owner will probably not want to buy all of the top-quality equipment that a professional Shih Tzu groomer would need. You can improvise. A steady table that is already available in your home can be used for the Shih Tzu grooming table. You can glue a piece of skid-proof vinyl or rubber matting on the top of the table. You can purchase a grooming post from a pet supply store or over the internet. The table can also be placed against a wall and a rope attached to the wall with a hook to serve as a grooming post. The rope can be tied loosely around the Shih Tzu to help keep the Shih Tzu under control. If you decide to buy a professional grooming table, one with a 36" X 24" top is the best buy.

If you are unable to install a bathtub with a platform to make the sides waist high so there would be a minimum of back bending, the next best thing would be to use or install a laundry tub. For a single bath or one Shih Tzu in the household, the regular bathtub is sufficient.

In the summertime, if you keep your Shih Tzu in a puppy cut, you could let the Shih Tzu air-dry outside after a good towel-drying. In winter, brushing and using a dry bath powder can clean the Shih Tzu and give him a pleasant odor in between regular bathing. Dry bath powder is also useful for daily cleaning of the face and feet of your Shih Tzu. There are liquid versions available as well.

For fluff drying and to get the result of a professional groomer you will need a floor dryer. Otherwise a good hand held human blow dryer will be sufficient.

A good lanolin-base shampoo that is biodegradable is best. I truly have found the shampoos manufactured for HealthyPetNet to be of excellent quality for my Shih Tzu. However, there are many other excellent brands of shampoo on the market. A high quality shampoo will mix completely with water, will suds easily and rinse out easily leaving no residue in the Shih Tzu's hair. A good crème rinse is recommended after each bath.

Generally, you can bathe your Shih Tzu weekly if you find a good quality shampoo and crème rinse that does not dry out the skin. If the skin of your Shih Tzu becomes dry with weekly baths, try every other week.

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