----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----
Von: @bluewin.ch
Datum: 01.11.2007 23:17
An: <@bluemail.ch>

Hello Sherry

Hows life? We are very pleased that we have received some  funny mails from your side and many times we are looking to your new website - its a fantastic one! and you have still the cutiest babies of the world.

Stella (our jewel) is still in very good condition and like to be 24 hours together with my wife. Her personality is greater than great. She like to make shopping in her dog carrier and looks around the big world. 

The weather here in Switzerland is going colder now and she has to wear a coat always outside. We put some pics on this mail from this summer and from halloween yesterday.

Hope you and your family is in good shape and we hope from heart, that your son is back from this foolish war for Christmas.

All the best

  Patsy and Andi

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