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Meet Your Alabama Imperial Shih Tzu Breeder 
Sherry Joiner

We are Imperial Shih Tzu breeders in Alabama. 
Our Imperial Shih Tzu puppies are our pride and joy. We breed the Imperial Shih Tzu for the betterment of the breed.  I love to show them off and are more than happy to have you to view them, but you are invited by appointment only and with a limited number of members present.
 All children must be watched by the adults that bring them. 
Please respect our house rules when you come to visit.

Breeding a Imperial Shih Tzu breed for many years is a sacrifice because of the responsibility of not being able to pick up and leave when ever you want or to spend a weekend away from home.  Imperial ShihTzu are a breed that is a "companion breed" meaning they love people . They do not do well at all when they are left at a boarding facility.  So taking weekend adventures with your family is not an option unless you are fortunate enough to have a very trusted friend or family member to come in and take care of your precious
 Imperial Shih Tzu puppies or adults. 

 So you wonder why do I breed the Imperial Shih Tzu?  Because there is nothing like the feeling when I know that I have enriched the lives of people who want to own a Shih-Tzu around the world.  I take great care in choosing my Shih-Tzu puppy homes and I love to see pictures of my  Imperial Shih Tzu puppies with their new families. It is a really special feeling knowing that I have Imperial Shih Tzu puppies all across the United States in loving forever homes. 

Always Map your Imperial Shih Tzu Breeder to their home and go meet them at their home.
Good Imperial Shih Tzu Breeder's always encourage you to come to their homes.
I will allow you to view an Imperial Shih Tzu puppy only if you have picked the puppy from the website picture first and have plans to take the puppy home with you. 
If not then we are not open house to the public. 

We are not a petting zoo and we don't put our puppies at high risk for contamination of highly transmitted diseases that are carried on clothes and shoes.

 We have a NO TOUCH RULE 
unless you plan on taking the puppy home with you that day.

Imperial Shih Tzu breeders in Alabama with Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale.
Imperial Shih Tzu breeder in Alabama

Imperial Shih Tzu breeders
January 2015
Sherry Joiner Breeder AL.
March 2015
Imperial Shih Tzu breeders in Alabama with Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Alabama
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