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Shih Tzus Forever has some of the most Beautiful Imperial Shih Tzu males around. The Imperial Shih Tzu male is more loving than the female Shih Tzu.
Our Imperial Shih Tzu males love us like no other.

They make me feel famous!

The Shih Tzu male will always make Big to do over you
and they are little clowns. The Shih Tzu male will make you love them and they are always willing to please their famous Mom. 

I get calls everyday from closed minded women only wanting a female.
They don't like the male because they have never had a Shih Tzu that was neutered at a young age. 

ALL the public thinks of is a unaltered dog that hikes and marks everywhere.
They think ALL male dogs mark and hike their leg to pee on everything.

ODDS are it's your own fault if you had a male that hiked his leg to pee on everything in your home. 

YEP it's ALL your fault because you did not neuter
your male dog at a early age! 

YOU wanted a MAN and not a forever BABY 

So most people go out and buy a male dog and when he becomes A MAN 
and starts hiking and spraying STRONG male pee everywhere they
want to throw the poor dog away. They ruined the dog and now they want to throw him away like yesterdays trash! It's all their fault because they did not have enough sense to neuter him by 6 months of age or younger.

 Neutered Male dogs are the most loving creatures. 

To have a wonderful male that you want to be your forever Baby then
you MUST neuter the dog very young. 

If not then you have a BREEDING Machine on your hands and all he thinks 
about is breeding. Male Dogs become a MAN at a very early age. 
I have seen male Shih Tzu hiking and spraying on everything in my house at 7 months old. 

Now you see why I built a state of the art breeding Facility for me and my dogs. Even I as a breeder can NOT live with breeding males spraying STRONG male pee in my home.

People make me sick when they call me and ask me do I want their male 
Shih Tzu because it's not a puppy any more and now at a year old he is ruining their home and they want to throw him away. 

Trust that breeding him one time makes it 100 times worse.




 Gold & White Parti Boy 
His Bloodlines are Beautiful. Adult weight 6 pounds. This Beautiful Boy has the darkest black pigment and dripping in a soft luxurious thick coat. He is Gold and White with Black Tipping. 

Imperial Shih Tzus for sale
Imperial Shih Tzu puppies
Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale
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