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How to train your new Shih Tzu puppy with ease.

WRITTEN BY SHERRY JOINER OF www.shihtzusforever.com


Crate training is VERY cruel and I'm 100 % against locking a puppy in a tiny cage.
Please throw that tiny cage away or return it to the store!

First of all anyone with a brain in their head should know that a puppy can't hold their bladder or bowels for very long and that pups must potty often.

That is why you can't lock a puppy in a tiny cage and expect them to hold it for hours. 
Training a puppy is very easy if you listen.

 I have trained thousands of puppies and my way works over any other way that 
I have ever seen or heard of. 
I learned over many years of raising puppies and I'm self taught.

The number one key to training a puppy is to contain the puppy in a Exercise Pen.
A puppy will potty on what it is raised on and you have to start some where and that's Not outside. 
You MUST start potty pad training because a young puppy does Not need to go outside and be exposed to deadly viruses and bad weather that can stress a young pup. Grass training comes later in life after pup has had all shots and has built up his immunity to parvo which takes 6 month to do so.

I order my Iris Pens from chewy.com with free shipping. One Iris pen is too little for any puppy so I buy two and connect them together. 

The iris pen in the picture is 2 Iris pens and 1 set of extention panels connected. For a young Shih Tzu puppy the 2 Two Iris pens connected will be large enough for puppy to be happy. You can add extention panels as pup grows. I recommed buying a 3 rd Iris pen to connect if needed. Do not give the shih tzu puppy the run of the house until he has been thoroughly house trained.

This picture was taken by me. It is a picture taken in my Nursery.

Our nursery is a very clean loving environment which is climate controlled for our comfort and the comfort of our Shih Tzu Moms and Shih Tzu puppies.

The Exercise Pen should be set up in an area of your home to where pup can see everyone. By doing this he will feel like he is part of the family and be less stressed. This is the pups apartment inside of your home. You can fold up the panels for the first few days or week and make the ex pen into a 2 x 4. Place a potty pad on one side and a blanket/throw on the other side for a bed. Put food and water bowel in the middle and to the side.  All pups should be free feed 24/7. Give pup soft toys to snuggle up with. If pup is going on the pad then let pen out to full size so he can have more room to run around and play. 

The Ex pen keeps you happy and pup happy.

Never allow pup to free roam the house potting everywhere because this will ruin him.
Use common sense when taking pup out of ex pen and make sure he is on empty. Put pup back into the pen every 15 minuets to see if he needs to potty.  Take him out and love him. Give plenty of attention and hold him then place pup back in he ex pen. It's best to leave a young pup alone and not hold him too much or let him over play. 

If you are going to be away from home turn on the T.V. or radio to make pup feel like he is not alone. 
As the months go by you can scatter potty pads in different rooms of the home and test pup to see if he will go to the pad if lose in the home.

Once pup is really good at using the potty pads while free roaming the home you can start grass training.
 At this point you can start taking pup outside onto the grass. Take some of pups stool from the potty pad and place on the area of grass that you want pup to potty on. This will show the pup where to go and it works every time. You can also have an ex pen set up outside to put pup in as long as the weather is good and not too hot it too cold. The Shih Tzu breed can not handle heat and can over heat. Never leave a Shih Tzu out in direct sun light in hot weather because they can have a heat stroke.

Puppy in pen below