Serious Inquiries Only!

Please don't call me if you are NOT wanting to purchase a puppy from me or 
already have one of our Shih Tzu puppies.

I am very busy taking care of my fur family.

 I ONLY WELCOME Serious Inquiries!


If I talk to 10 strangers/women a day for one hour each that = 10 hours a day on the 
phone with Strangers/women that really don't want to purchase a puppy.

I am here 24/7 for my puppy parents that have
 purchased a puppy from me. 
 This Page does not apply to them.

I only return calls inside the United States.

Please DON'T call me unless you are ready to purchase a puppy from us or make a Deposit on a puppy.

Please have the Name of the puppy picked out that you are interested in discussing.

I am starting to screen all calls and you will have to leave a message with pups name 
and I will return your phone call. 

I get too may calls from people that are just lonely and want to talk about dogs. 

10 calls a day one hour each= 10 hours of my time.

I simply can't talk to people if they are not really wanting to purchase a spay/neutered pet Shih Tzu from us.
I am not a Google Search either. You can find answers to everything on the internet without calling me.


I don't talk to anyone that blocks their name from our caller ID.
 I like to get to know a buyer and know who I am really talking to. 
I like for you to get to know me as well so 
that you will know who you are dealing with.

I NEVER block my home phone number from your caller ID.

Our Landline is Listed with information under
 the Demopolis Alabama exchange.

Call  Sherry @ (334) 289- 0682

I only accept phone calls.

Sorry but we don't use a cell phone or email for our business.
I believe in getting to know the people and to hear their voice. 
If you are to busy to talk with me then I feel you are too busy for one of my babies.

You are welcome to come pick up your puppy at out home. 
300 Starmont Road Gallion Alabama 36742

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