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Our Shih Tzu adults sleep on Coolaroo Dog Cots and have fresh clean Blankets Daily
Each inside run size 5x14 has TWO doggie doors.
 Our outside runs size 12x14 have Coolaroo Dog Cots and Toys in the play yards. 
I went with the tankless hot water heater for our home and the kennel.
Outside runs are covered and lighted.

 We have ALL NEW chain link inside and outside.
The outside runs are now 12x14 and each run has " TWO " doggie doors to come into 5x14 inside run areas. 
Inside our Shih Tzu  free feed " Orijen " adult Dog food. 

Our Shih Tzu sleep on cots and have fresh clean blankets Daily.
I buy 3 flavors of Orijen dog food and mix the flavors together so 
our Shih Tzu adults won't get bored with just one flavor.  

We also have 5 outside Large Barrel fans going 24/7 when it's hot and bug lights at night.

Our Dogs have huge play yards and the gates to each run is ALWAYS Open
 into the play yards so our dogs are not locked into their runs. 
The ONLY time a Shih Tzu is locked into a run is when they are in heat.

NOTE: I only breed 4 months out of the year if the girls come in heat during this time.
If they don't come in heat during this 4 months then they don't have puppies for a year.

They get to come into heated or AC cooled inside area when ever they please.

Our Shih Tzu get to go out into the grassy play yards when ever they please.
They can run out in the rain if they want because they have freedom and not locked into the runs.

All of our adult Shih Tzu are shaved down VERY close because long hair don't mix 
with them going out into the rain or the humidity
We are located 2 1/2 hours from the Gulf Of Mexico and 
its very hot and humid here in Alabama.

My Shih Tzu live a wonderful life and I never skimp when it comes to the care of our Shih Tzu.
They eat the VERY best food on the market, they get NuVet Plus Daily, they get their teeth cleaned at 
the vet clinic, they are up to date on shots, they get heartworm prevention, flea prevention, and wormed every month.

Plus they are Loved and in return give us plenty of Love.

NOTE: We Only have 10 large Runs inside and 10 large runs outside that OPEN into the grass play yards.
Our front play yard is Gravel and that is where I enter the Nursery which has a Doggie Door also.
The front play yard is where I teach puppies to use the doggie door and to potty outside on gravel.

The nursery is also where 4 of our adult Shih Tzu live. 

This is the Insulation that we used to fill all the Blocks with and it works very well.
Our Breeding facility/Doggie Daycare is so easy to heat and cool all year round and don't hold any doggie odors. 
This is the Nursery floor done in Epoxy for cleanliness. The food storage containers 
Keep all of our " Orijen "  puppy and adult food Fresh at all times.
 The food Storage containers are air Tight.
Dog scales to weigh our ShihTzu adults and Shih Tzu puppies. 
We have our very own Microchip scanner from AKC. 
All of our Shih Tzu adults have microchipes.
We have a New front door with a Doggie Door in it now.
Just the top of the door has glass on the new door

The back door is all glass so we could have more natural light. 
Our Concrete floors and entire Kennnel was built by professionals. 
Our Breeding and doggie Daycare is STATE OF THE ART and the floors are smooth so that they won't harm the pads and elbows of our Shih Tzu. 

They used a “whirlybird machine“ to make our concrete
 Slick so it would NOT harm our dogs.

 Smooth concrete is IMPERVIOUS to water and urine. 
We have NO water or urine Run off on our grounds ever.

The entire Doggie Daycare floors slopes towards the drains in each area so that we can wash the floors straight into the septic system. The Nursery and front room has 3 inch drains in the center of each room and every drain leads to the Septic System.

We have 3 different Vet Clinics that I us and they are always there for us.
I LOVE each and every Vet and they are always there for me and my Shih Tzu Kids. 
Welcome to our State of the art Breeding facility/ Doggie Daycare page. 


I am a Leo and I do everything in a Big way even though I am NOT a Big Breeder.
I was so excited about building our new Facility and I got a little carried away.
Right after we built it I was not happy with the inside runs so I had them removed. 

We have ALL new chain link inside and out. 
Every area of our Doggie Daycare is large and roomy for our Shih Tzu Kids.

Our Shih Tzu are Never in the dark and have night lights and music.

I have 12 breeding Girls and MOST so called home breeders have more dogs than that stuffed in tiny cages 
in a back room or garage! Most home breeders work a full time job away from home and as you know sleep another 8 hours.
Just their Job and sleep takes 16 or more hours of the day away from their dogs. 
Plus there is more to do than just go to work and sleep. 

The human kids, the husband, cleaning the home, and yard takes time away from their dogs too. 

Trust that home breeders that work have very little time to spend with their dogs.
Add up the hours and they are not with their dogs very much.

I'm with my dogs more than MOST so called home breeders. 
I don't have any little kids at home as my Daughter is 33 years old and my son is 40 years old. 

My Shih Tzu Moms give birth inside our home and are never left along. 
Mom and her litter moves to the Nursery when pups are 8 weeks old.

We have cameras and can watch everything that goes on in our Nursery/Doggie Daycare.

I like for you to get to know me so that you can feel good about where your new Shih Tzu puppies come from.
I consider myself to be a Professional and responsible breeder. I work 365 days a year and never have an off day. 
I am 200 % Dedicated to my pets and breeding program. 

My Dogs are my Life and anyone that knows me will tell you what my dogs mean to me. 

The Shih Tzu is the ONLY breed that I breed. I am addicted to little Boys 
and that is what puts my number at 12 girls and 2 Boys. It's been a life long Love affair with the Shih Tzu breed. 
The Shih Tzu has always been so addicting for me.

Shih Tzu are like Potato Chips and I can't just have a few!
 They are my entire life and always have been. 


 Our facility is where we spend most of our time. It has that down home feeling
 and Beautiful laid back country setting. It has a full size refrigerator, washer, dryer, and a microwave.
It is climate controlled year round for the comfort of our Shih Tzu Kids and for myself.

Trust that I will not be hot or cold and neither will my Shih Tzu.

NOTE: Our Adult Shih Tzu are spay & neutered if we don't breed them. They are my pets first and I love them very much. Our Shih Tzu Girls are Only bred once a year if bred at all.
 My adult Shih Tzu are NEVER sold off to another breeder for breeding. I don't believe in selling adults for any reason. We only want the best for the them. We only breed young healthy well bred AKC Shih Tzu from Beautiful Bloodlines.

  AKC INSPECTED ON 5-28-2018